About Carol

Carol Moreira was raised in the U.K. and in Hong Kong and has worked all over the world. For the last 13 years, she’s lived in St Margaret’s Bay on Canada’s east coast with her Canadian husband, journalist and author Peter Moreira, their demanding little dog Nikki and their two kids, Cat and Scott (now grown and flown)

1. I love to walk, usually very fast. It’s not exercise unless you walk fast.
2. I compete with my dog Nikki over who can walk fastest. The only way to win is to distract Nik with a stick.
3. I love books that have originality, intelligence and the pulse of life. Books like Alan Bradley’s Flavia de Luce series, Yann Martel’s Life of Pi and Susan Casey’s The Wave.
4. I adore Mandarin Chinese, which I studied in Taipei, Shanghai and London. Picture words are beautiful. It’s so cool that the word for tree looks like a tree.
5. I love science, but don’t really understand it.
6. I agree with my daughter that Pink is the best singer-songwriter ever.
7. I love the ocean, but only to look at. This is a sentiment my sailor kids cannot comprehend.
8. I can sing, but no one else knows it.
9. I want to learn to play the piano.
10. I think tea and chocolate are divine.
11. I have an English degree from London University and love my life as a writer and editor, but I occasionally long to go and do something COMPLETELY NEW. (This feeling usually strikes in the middle of a Canadian winter)


Atlantic Journalism Awards, Best Magazine Article 2011
Atlantic Journalism Awards, Best Magazine Article (shared) 2009
WFNS contest for unpublished manuscripts: honourable mention, writing for children, 2009
WFNS contest for unpublished manuscripts: finalist in the poetry category, 2016